Panhandle Regional
9-1-1 Network

9-1-1 Addresses in the Texas Panhandle

Part of the implementation of 9-1-1 throughout the State of Texas involved the establishment of '9-1-1 physical addresses.' The goal of addressing structures was to attache the address to a telephone number, so that when an emergency call was placed, dispatchers had the ability to dispatch to the address if a lack of communication was present.

Rural Addressing

The Panhandle regional 9-1-1 network is responsible for assisting 24 of the 26 counties (not Potter and Randall) with assigning rural 9-1-1 physical addresses. If you are in need of an 9-1-1 physical address in any of the rural counties of the Texas Panhandle, please contact the Pahnandle Regional 9-1-1 Network at 800-687-7911. If you are attempting to verify a 9-1-1 address, there is a mapviewer at Panhandle Maps.

Municipal Addressing

Although the Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network is often available to assist with addressing within the incorporated municipalities of the Texas Panhandle, we do not assign the addresses. If you live in an incorporated city or town, please select from below to obtain contact information for the municipal authorities. If you need further help, you can contact the Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network at 800-687-7911.

Potter and Randall Counties

For 9-1-1 addressing within Potter and Randall Counties, please visit Potter Randall 9-1-1 or call them at 806-374-9800.