Panhandle Regional
9-1-1 Network

What We Do: The Role of the
Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network

The Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network is a governmental agency which functions under the Panhandle Region's established Council of Government (COG), the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission (PRPC), and provides the rural Counties of the Texas Panhandle with 9-1-1 call service.

State of the art technology and dedicated networking features provide the citizens of the Texas Panhandle with a reliable 9-1-1 emergency calling solution. The Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network maintains connectivity and equipment at 23 Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs) over a coverage area larger than nine American States. In addition to ensuring proper delivery of 9-1-1 calls throughout the Texas Panhandle, the Regional 9-1-1 Network has other functions for the citizens of the region.

The Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network assists county governments with the production and acquisition of street signs to assist emergency responders' navigation throughout the rural areas of the region.

The 9-1-1 Network also assigns addresses for the unincorporated areas of the Panhandle, maintains its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) addressing and roads data, and works with local governments to provide the most accurate and up to date mapping data possible for emergency responders.

Although the 9-1-1 Network does not hire dispatchers, the Network provides several training opportunities to dispatchers and stays current on the latest legislation and necessary qualifications to assist local governments with meeting the regulatory standards in their dispatch centers.

The 9-1-1 Network also facilitates public education regarding 9-1-1 throughout the region, distributing items and speaking about 9-1-1 to the population of the region.